We Are Fashion

posted on March 19th 2018 in Events with 0 Comments

This past week was a busy one for the G of G Inc. ladies as they attended both Toronto’s Men’s Fashion Week and Toronto’s Women’s Fashion Week back to back here in The 6! We brought the wine and Tuscan sun to the Fashion Show and had everyone sipping on Gabbiano Wines all night.
Our VIP experience included a side by side blind tasting of 2 Tuscan Chianti Classico’s. The guests got to try both a modern and rustic style of Chianti Classico to see which they preferred. Guests were amazed by the different profiles of each wine while still being the same varietal of Chianti Classico. We were not surprised when our sponsor and feature wine, Gabbiano Chianti Classico was the crowd favourite all week long. The VIP guests also had the chance to enter our iPad contest for a trip for two to Tuscany for seven days to stay in the Castello Gabbiano, enjoy a beautiful wine tour and dinner in the castle.


These types of activations make for very long days and we are very proud of our team who worked these long hours and made it seem like a breeze! Having a strong team and hard workers makes for a great impression on the public and an overall strong activation, bringing a smile to our clients faces. There is also a lot of preparation that goes into these activations, as our team presents themselves as the expert throughout the tasting experience. These ladies are well versed in speaking about wines, the various tasting profiles, as well as background history about the Gabbiano brand. Some guests even thought that one of our brand ambassadors came in directly from Tuscany! Unfortunately, that isn’t the case but that just shows how professional and perfect the fit between the team and the brand truly was. We can’t thank you enough ladies!


If you are interested in joining the G of G Inc roster, email with a resume and 3 photos. To work with us on your next activation contact for pricing and availability!