A Beauty You Are: Spring Beauty Tips & Fashion Trends

posted on May 1st 2018 in Team Fun with 0 Comments

With the warm weather FINALLY around the corner, we thought we would round up some of the Spring and Summer fashions and trends we are excited to try out for the sunny seasons of 2018.

Rompers and Jumpers: We are excited these are back this season, and although they may be a little difficult as festival wear (getting down to your birthday suit in a public bathroom is never ideal), they are super comfortable and can go from office to night out with the change of a few accessories.


Denim on Denim: Also, known as the Canadian tuxedo, the denim on denim look was popular in recent fashion weeks. This not only included shirts, jackets, and skirts, but also denim boots!


Sheer/Transparent Dresses: Full length sheer dresses were found on many runways in a variety of colours, implementing various under garments for coverage as well.


The Color Purple (or more specifically Lilac!): Shades of lilac graced the bodies of numerous models, especially in soft and flowy fabrics. This colour will be especially hot this spring. You can even incorporate the colour into your eye make up or nail polish choices.

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Anklets: Recent seasons saw the return of the 90’s choker, but this year will see the revival of the anklet, with mostly gold chain link.


Pajama Robe Coats: Think of a mix between a trench coat and a kimono, these coats work with a pair or jeans or even a slip dress (another popular must have this season).


Sparkle: Make up artists were not shy when it came to glitter over the past year of fashion weeks. Eyelids were gleaming at many shows, and some even showed off glittery lips. However, on your eyes is probably the most every day way to add a little bit of sparkle to your daily life. Who doesn’t love glitter!?


Lip Gloss: Or our personal fave, Lipglass (from MAC) is back in full swing. Matte was a popular look lately, but wet and glossy is gliding back in as the look of the season.


Contour VS Draping: Replacing the popular contour look is the draping technique. This can look a little more bold and is less likely to be done on a daily basis, if you follow in Rhianna’s footsteps, but draping is essentially contouring using blush, which can also offer a softer look than Kardashian inspired contouring.


Hair Clips: Not only practical but also beautiful! Decorated bobby pin style clips were used by many hair stylists on the runways of recent fashion weeks and are an easy way to add some sparkle into your morning routine.


New seasons always bring with them some fun hair, makeup, and fashion trends to test out. Which ones are you looking forward to trying? Let us know below! As always, if you are interested in joining the roster to work upcoming glam events in your area, email with a resume and 3 photos.