Back To School

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It’s that time of year again where the leaves change, the colder weather starts to set in and a lot of our rep’s return to school. Whether you return to university or college in the city or totally relocate – you are still able to work! Promotional work comes even more in handy when you are away at school. With the flexibility of working freelance work for G of G Inc – you can pick and choose what you work. It will accommodate your class schedule and social time. When we send out work, take a look at your schedule and let us know when you are available to work.

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It is important to also update your contact information with us. We need to know your new city! Not all work goes out to the entire email roster, so if we don’t know your city – we don’t know to contact you directly. We also don’t want to be bothering you with emails and phone calls for cities you are no longer able to work in. You don’t want to miss out on work! Let us know if you have changed your phone number to accommodate your new location, because if we call you and can’t get a hold of you, we will remove you until we hear from you. This goes along with old email addresses as well. If your email bounces back to us, our email server automatically removes you off the roster. Even if you are relocating to another province or state, remember we work across North America!

CU (2)This goes for clients as well! We know you probably have a lot more activations on campuses. We can help! We staff in almost every city that has a university or college. It is great to have reps right from that school to work your promotions. They know the student body and campus – so they are already an expert. With the craziness of Frosh Week, this is a great time to promote your product.


Email today to update your information with us or to book our reps for your promotions!


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