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posted on July 27th 2015 in Events with 0 Comments

This weekend is always one of the highlights of the summer for Torontonians. The annual Festival of Beers. This annual celebration of all things beer is always a great time. It happens at the Exhibition inside Bandshell Park. They always have a ton of different food, great performances like this year’s Naughty By Nature, and of course a lot of beer! This year we got to staff two booths for Okanogan and Sleemans, and the girls had a great time.

2015-07-27 16.38.21

Our reps for Sleemans got to revist the era of prohibition with their hair and makeup done just like back then. We sampled three different kinds of Sleemans to all the festival go-ers. Our client could not have been happier. We received this warm email from our client:

“I just wanted to truly thank you all for your hard work, dedication and positive attitude for Beer Fest this weekend!

We have received nothing but excellent feedback regarding all of you from Sleeman employees, the Beerlicious team as well as other brands.  I also received word this morning there were mystery shoppers on-site as well (news to me) who provided absolute praise.  I just wanted to ensure you are all were recognized for being Awesome – and looking so fabulous!

Thank you again and I am sure our paths will cross in the near future.”

2015-07-24 20.28.15We love hearing positive feedback from our clients, and the girls had a great time working as well!

Our Okanogan client couldn’t have been happier either. They said the girls were great not only with the people at the festival, but with the media as well. Our reps had great brand knowledge and didn’t crack infront of the camera. These are the kinds of things we love to hear. It is so important for us that our reps not only have a great face and attitude to the guests at the event, but also behind the scenes with the clients. Each day at the Festival of Beers is almost twelve hours long but our Promotional Models kept the energy high.

How do they keep the energy high? Our reps responded, “it’s so easy! You just feed off the energy of the other promotional reps and the customers!” The Festival of Beers is such an exciting and fun atmosphere – you can’t help but keep it pumped up.

Our beautiful promotional model Meghan even celebrated her birthday while working on Sunday!

UntitledFestivals seem to be the theme of our summer season, and we are not done yet! We are heading to Veld in Toronto and Osheaga in Montreal this weekend. As well as Squamish next! We have a few more coming, so keep an eye out. Interested in working fun events like this? Email megan@gofginc.com with three pictures and a resume.
Interested in hiring our reps for your  next festival booth? Email jenn@gofginc.com for pricing and availability.