Boosting Your Own Dream

posted on January 16th 2017 in General News with 0 Comments

Everyone needs a little boost now and then. Our CEO, Jenn, was excited to be a part of something that was going to bring a little bit of a boost to someone’s day – The Boost Podcast! BOOST is a weekly podcast who’s host Elena Lipson chats with real people about their professional and personal growth. Being an entrepreneur, our CEO Jennifer seemed like the perfect fit as a guest on this show.

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Elena is an entrepreneur, doggie mama to Harley, exercise/outdoor enthusiast and DMV native (that’s the Washington, DC area for all you non-locals).   When she isn’t cheering for the BOOST Squad or running Mosaic Growth Partners, her consulting firm that helps organizations grow and implement transformational initiatives, Elena can be found traveling, at a concert, working out, or indulging in a Tito’s martini (up with a twist).


The podcast is about building your own dream, and not someone else’s! The closing remarks are that anything is possible and we love that thought and here at G of G Inc truly believe in that. You can check out the podcast at the following link, www.theboostpodcast.com. Here you can also review their blog, learn a bit about the host, and check out some other inspiring entrepreneurs who have been featured on the show. Looking for an extra boost throughout the week? You can subscribe and listen weekly, and hear how others face and tackle the struggles of their everyday personal and professional life.

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Jenn is also a founder of Elle Power which was discussed during the podcast. Elle Power is a blog which is filled with stories written by various females about their struggles and successes as females in sometimes male dominated industries. The discussion between Jenn and host Elena was very insightful and empowering as they discussed some of their own role models and their growth in their perspective fields. Elle Power is always looking to hear from women who might have a story to share to the Elle Power audience! You can check out their website at www.ellepower.com and contact them for a future collaboration!