Building Trust and A Relationship With Your Customers: How We Can Help

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Think of the last time that you tried something new. Was it a suggestion from a friend, by way of word of mouth, or a flyer handed out to you while being intercepted on your daily route to work. With the general public being more and more skeptical of internet ads seen on Facebook or Instagram, studies have shown that interpersonal interactions are proving to be a stronger way to increase brand awareness.

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The EU is implementing new data privacy laws that will require tech companies and various platforms to outline and explain how they will be using their users’ personal information. This means there will be more transparency to current users or future users when they first sign up or log in, in terms of what their personal information that they provide is being used for, who gains access to it, and more. Additionally, with all the recent black lash that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have been getting, it is no wonder that new policies are being put into place after learning about how much info these companies truly had on the public and what their uses actually were. These new pieces of legislation further prove that users are nervous about trusting various platforms and encourage brands to find alternate ways to engage with and acquire new customers.

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One method that has continued to prove as effective is creating a personal connection by way of brand ambassadors and promotional models activating experiential marketing campaigns. When people positively associate a brand with a strong connection or interesting encounter at a festival, on their way to work, or at a special event, that memory and experience lasts a long time. Another method is through influencer marketing. This kind of falls under the word of mouth category, as brands hope that the followers of a specific individual admire, trust and look up to them enough to purchase and try out brands that they swear by in their own lives.

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We feel that the personal touch of adding brand ambassadors into a marketing campaign is a fool proof plan to turn prospective customers into new customers! Who can say no to a passionate individual relaying the best features of a product or service, all while having a smile on their face and a free sample to test out!


If you are interested in being the face of a wide array of brands including beer and wine companies, yummy food and beverage companies, fitness and entertainment brands and more, email with a resume and three photos. If you are looking for new faces to represent your brand, and to create long lasting connections between your brand and your target demographic, email to see how we can work together on your next project.