Dance Your Way To Natural Beauty

posted on April 25th 2017 in Events with 0 Comments

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is sometimes easier said than done. This is why we love being able to participate in activations with the fantastic brand, Clean & Clear, who’s target demographic is young girls ages 10-18 as they are newly starting to go through a lot of changes especially with their skin. Clean & Clear finds it important to make these changes or transitions easier and want to be there to help out during this process! Feeling happy in your own skin is their final goal!


We have brought our crew of fresh faced Clean & Clear ambassadors to various concert venues, hosting celebs like Selena Gomez, the Jonas Brother’s and of course Bieber! This way, our team doesn’t only interact with the tweens, but also with their parents, who at this stage of their child’s life are probably paying for skin care items and heading out to concerts with their family. We not only focus on getting samples into the hands of the target demographic but also have coupons to give to their parents.


You may have also found our team at various dance competitions across Southern Ontario. Full of 10-18 year old girls, many quick make up changes, and a sometimes stressful environment, these have proven to be extremely successful sampling activations, at which the welcome for us and our samplers has been astounding! Our ladies on site are able to again interact with dancers and their moms, offering samples and coupons, and taking photos of these beautiful young women doing what they love, dancing and having fun! Our staff have even hopped up on stage and grabbed the mic a time or two, pumping up the crowd during adjudication and leaving a great impression of Clean & Clear behind.

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One of our reps Nadia has been working numerous activations and told us the following about her experiences:

The dancers really viewed my presence representing Clean and Clear at their competitions as a really exciting element and they were super excited to receive complimentary makeup wipes right from my hand to theirs! It really created a personal, social, and positive environment, and it became apparent that many of them verbalized their impression of me as a role model and woman who they would like to strive to be like. Many of the dancers asked questions like, “Do you use Clean and Clear products?” When I answered “yes”, and told them about the pros of using the makeup removing wipes, it essentially solidified their positive impression for the brand and desire to use the products too! As the mom’s and family members listened in to these interactions with their children, they in turn, eagerly expressed gratitude, enthusiasm, and appreciation for Clean and Clear’s presence and the manner in which we were there! Overall, an extremely successful marketing initiative.”

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Though the dance competition season may be coming to an end over the next few weeks, summer concerts are just around the corner! Be sure to keep an eye out for our team at any concerts you head to this summer, and make sure to grab a free sample of the great products they have to give away. If you are interested in joining our Clean & Clear team at the next activation email megan@gofginc.com with three photos and a resume!