Don’t Have The Promotion, Raise and Respect You Want at Work? Find Out How To Change That!

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Ready to get yourself the equal pay, a fulfilling role, and the esteem you crave professionally.

Jenn here…

I know you’re juggling a lot right now. I bet you have the everyday pressures of your job and life outside of work…


And, on the same hand, let me ask you:

Do you ever wonder in the back of your mind, “Is this all there is?”

If so…

Are you feeling burnt out, under-appreciated or overwhelmed trying to balance your career to the point where you feel stuck? 


Have you tried to fix the problem by working harder or taking on more responsibility only to feel more frustrated and like you’ve hit a ceiling?

I get it…

It can feel pretty impossible at times to reach your highest potential professionally if you don’t even feel you have the time or objective headspace to self-reflect.

As wives, mothers, daughters and professionals, we have a lot of people relying on us, and making ourselves a priority, especially when your work is stressful, is tough…even more so if you’re not feeling fulfilled.


But you see…

The problem won’t resolve itself.


And reading another self-help book or watching another episode of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday won’t fix it either.

Matter of fact, the more you try and sprinkle “good feelings” on the problem and just “be more positive”…

The more you put your TRUE desires on the back-burner and the more you feel unappreciated and undervalued.

It can be a vicious cycle.

Most women don’t think about it because they’re too busy running around trying to be everything to everyone while making their needs dead last.

If you find yourself struggling to have the career you dream of while balancing your health and personal life, then this FREE training is for you. 

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My friend, Elena Lipson, developed this training after working in Corporate America for 15 years. You may know her as an EllePower contributor or the host of The BOOST Podcast; I was a guest on Episode 2.

Her training will help you discover how to boldly ask for and GET what you want with ease even if you’ve struggled to before.

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Who’s this training for?

Professional Women who: 

– are tired of being passed over for promotion and raises

– are frustrated with their limited career opportunities and feel stuck

– are sick of not getting the respect they deserve at work

– want to unlock their voice so they can build a career that excites them

In this 45-minute training you get: 

– The Professional Woman’s Talent Code: A proven strategy to get you the promotion, raise and respect you deserve so you can show up powerfully in the workplace and feel fulfilled regardless of office politics.

– 3 Simple yet Unspoken Strategies you can do right now to wake up feeling powerful and in control of your career and life – even if you’ve struggled up till now.

– Your own personal blueprint for making yourself a priority so you can balance work, life and health seamlessly without feeling guilty.

The training is coming down Sunday night at midnight so be sure to grab a view before it’s gone so you get the promotion, raise and respect you deserve.