Dress To Impress

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We all want to look our best when we go to work. So we compiled a list of all the promo essentials that every promo rep should have in their closet:


Staple’s every promotional model/BA should have:

  1. Black flats:
  • Many promotional events require you to bring your own shoes for the activation. Black flats are a MUST have when working as a brand ambassador. Very easy to find and affordable, some suggestions of stores are H&M, Forever21, and Walmart, prices ranging from $15-$30.
  1. White keds:
  • White keds, converse, or running shoes are very important to have for the summer season. Many day promotions will ask that you wear something comfortable if you’re working a long shift that requires you to be standing and/or active. White shoes are the way to go!

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  1. Black/nude heels:
  • Black/nude heels are a necessity for most night events. It’s great to have a pair that is basic and comfortable. A great place to look is Winner’s, which carries designer brands for reasonable prices. Make sure to have a pair that is decent quality so you aren’t having to replace them.
  1. Black/nude bra:
  • It is VERY important that you have a black and nude bra. As a brand ambassador you’re representing a company and it’s your job to have a professional appearance. Depending on the event you’re working, some do provide uniforms. It’s expected that you wear appropriate undergarments that fit the uniform provided. (No red bras under white tops)


  1. Black dress
  • Night events usually require you to wear a black dress. From alcohol samplings to corporate events, a classic black dress is a must have. Your black dress should be classy, not to short or low cut. A great place to look online is the dresses are elegant and simple but can be on the pricy side. If you’re looking for something less expensive a few great places to check out would be Zara, H&M, Aritzia, etc.
  1. Black pants and shirt
  • Many product demos, samplings and other events require you to dress in simple black pants and shirt. It is very important that you NEVER show up to work wearing black leggings or tights unless told otherwise. Having a classic pair of black pants (preferably dress pants) and a simple black shirt is a required outfit that we expect our brand ambassador to have.


  1. Make-up bag:
  • When working a long shift it’s important to refresh your make-up and hair. A few key things to bring with you are chapstick, hair spray, hair brush/comb, foundation, and mouth wash. When on break you’ll have a chance to do touch-ups to ensure you’re looking good and feeling good
  1. Make-up and hair:
  • Unless told to specifically style your make-up and hair a specific way, it’s important to always show up to work looking natural and professional. Neutral make-up colours are your safest bet (no crazy lipstick or eyeshadow colours and keep black eye liner to a minimum). Hair should be neat with either light waves or straight, no outrageous hairdos.

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