Fresh, Fun and Fabulous!

posted on June 6th 2016 in Events & Team Fun with 0 Comments

Bieber, fun concerts and great skin? Definitely the quintessential ingredients for a teenage dream. Well Clean & Clear wanted to make these dreams a reality with a fun, new program at summer concerts!

Over the past few months the BA’s at G of G Inc have had the pleasure of working with Clean & Clear! Our target audience was 12-18year old “tweens” and teens and some of the hottest concerts around. Everyone knows that being a teen is some of the most fun years of your life, but can also be the time of a few awkward years. G of G Inc and Clean & Clear wanted young adults to feel happy in their own skin, because as our girl Demi says “Whats wrong with being Confident?”.


We brought the party to surrounding areas of concerts featuring every teen’s favourite idols and heart-throbs including Justin Bieber, 5SOS, Demi Lavoto and Nick Jonas. Here, our fresh-faced team handed out samples of Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel and Moisturizer to concert goers. These refreshing products are designed to keep your skin clean and fresh with an invigorating feeling and the to die for smells of cucumber and mango extract. Definitely the perfect product for any young adult who needs to keep their skin clean, but wants a fresh, fun product made just for them! Taking care of your skin is so much more fun and easy if it’s actually an enjoyable experience, especially when you’re young and trying to figure out a new skin routine.


The Clean & Clear BA’s had to be super enthusiastic and on their game for these events. Concert areas can be crazy and fast paced. The BA’s had to grab the customers attention in a busy environment in order to introduce them to the product and give them a sample. The girls handed over 14,000 samples at some concerts! The brand ambassadors had to make sure they were engaging, positive and educated the consumer about the product and how it could work for them. This allowed the team to spread the word about a great product to engage new customers. More importantly it gave the teens positive role models, a fun atmosphere, a new go-to product and the confidence to feel great in their own skin!


We are so excited to keep working with Clean & Clear and awesome summer concerts! These are just some of the super fun venues G of G Inc will be promoting a variety of brands at this year. The summer is definitely off to a fresh and fun start with this program!