Greetings: How We Like To Host Events

posted on September 26th 2017 in Events with 0 Comments

This past week our brand ambassadors were able to partake in an exciting corporate event in Waterloo. Our team represented The Viessmann Group, which is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating, industrial and refrigeration systems. They have been providers of comfortable, efficient and environmentally responsible heating solutions for three generations and continue to be an innovative player in their industry.

2017-09-21 09.58.30

This year, they celebrated their 100th anniversary by hosting an open house style event. Customers were invited to swing by the Viessmann headquarters anytime between 830am – 7pm on September 21st to learn about new products, watch demonstrations, and enjoy complimentary beverages and food from local food trucks.

Dressed in heels and professional black dresses (topped with a cute red scarf), our brand ambassadors greeting and registered guests upon arrival. They printed out name badges, gave out some branded swag and even gave out branded cookies to guests as they left!

2017-09-21 17.35.11

Adding a smiling face, outgoing personality and professionally dressed brand ambassador can really bring an extra layer to your upcoming event. They are able to set the mood for guest’s right when they arrive and invite them into a positive atmosphere the moment they walk through the doors. It is hard to not enjoy an event when you feel so welcomed and appreciated right upon your arrival. If you are looking to bring an extra something special to your next event, email for pricing and availability. If you consider yourself to be an outgoing and engaging individual who thrives on interacting with new people, check out our website to apply and see what kinds of events are coming up in your area. We are currently hiring all over Ontario – both major cities and smaller towns. If you also have your Smart Serve that is a huge asset! We look forward to hearing from you!