How To Handle Your Food: The New Changes That Affect You

posted on December 5th 2017 in General News with 0 Comments

Food Handler’s is the new Smart Serve! If you haven’t heard, having a food handling certification has become a huge asset in the brand ambassador world. Part way through 2018, Ontario LCBO’s will no longer have brand ambassadors conducting various wine, beer and spirit tastings and will in fact have their own employee’s work these activations. That means many of the large wine, beer and spirit companies are putting their budgets into activating samplings within grocery retailers who sell alcohol. Within this new sampling territory – a food handling certification will eventually be required and will over the next few months become a huge norm in bookings! In order to make the most of your promotional experience – we highly suggest attaining this certification! We have listed some links below for how to acquire it in various provinces. Though the LCBO is strictly an Ontario retailer, we suggest acquiring it even if you live in other provinces as well because that will allow you to work alongside any food/appliance brands and will give you a leg up on your competition when it comes to applying for various promos!



British Columbia:



If you haven’t already acquired an alcohol handling certification that is, again, a HUGE asset and will really open up more work opportunities for yourself. However, if you haven’t already heard – food handling certifications are where it is at! Be sure to acquire yours – and if you see a post come out in which the client will pay for it, be sure to jump at that chance as it won’t be offered for too long!