Hungry Anyone?

posted on March 13th 2018 in Team Fun with 0 Comments

You should never be too busy to care for yourself. That is why we thought this week’s blog should be a helpful guide for those who love to keep busy but sometimes might forget to keep on top of a healthy food lifestyle.


As a brand ambassador or promotional model, you might come across a busy season in which you are working 8-hour days at a tradeshow for a week straight followed by evening events representing a liquor brand at a bar or club at night. Though it might seem easiest to pop in and grab some fast food in between shift 1 and shift 2, we know that type of food isn’t going to provide our bodies with the energy that we need in order to bring our A-game to the evening event. During busy season, snacking becomes your best friend! Sometimes your breaks are broken up and scattered throughout the day and you don’t have 1 full hour to sit, prepare, and eat your meal. That’s where Ziploc’s of energy boosting snacks are key! Nuts, crackers and hummus, yogurt and granola, peanut butter and apples, protein bars, Krave Jerky (which comes in packages with 100 calories or less but are packed with 10 grams of protein), snap peas, dried fruits, and smoothies/shakes with protein powder are some of our favourites. These snacks are easy to pack, easy to snack on during a quick break, and don’t require much effort as you can easily grab a handful behind the booth when you need a little pick me up! On top of all these snacks, always bring a refillable water bottle with you because staying well hydrated is SUPER important.

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While on the topic of food – why not touch on a certification that is going to open many doors for you as a brand ambassador. That certification is your food handling certificate! Reach out to for more info about where/how to acquire this certificate online. Many of our clients are moving towards making this a requirement for various activations including liquor samplings, food demonstrations, and more!

If you are interested in joining the G of G Inc roster, email with a resume and 3 photos. To work with us on your next activation contact for pricing and availability!

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