It’s About Lime

posted on May 30th 2017 in Events with 0 Comments

It’s about lime! Everybody loves a little zest in their summer cocktails, so Absolut has finally granted our wishes by bringing us a lime vodka with no sugar added, and ALL natural flavours, sure to be a hit at your next patio party! This weekend our gals in Pickering were set up on the patio at a local favourite, Jack Astor’s, giving out samples of this refreshing new summer staple. If a vodka soda is your go to drink, then you should definitely mix it up and try it with Absolut lime.

IMG_7229 - Copy

Our staff were giving out samples the Absolut Lime Soda, but you can also try some other concoctions such as Absolut Lime Mojito and Absolut Lime Mule. For over 1,000 great drink recipes, including these, download the drinkspiration app at


This patio party had a little bit of a special edge to it as it was a fundraiser as well! Money was being raised for a quite a few different purposes. Two local high schools were receiving part of the funds and would be using them to help buy new tools for their trades courses. Also, actually at the fundraiser, they were trying to fill up a truck with donated old tools that would be sent to Guatemala. Thirdly, Jack Astor’s sends a team of staff every year to Guatemala to help dig wells and these wells are built so that the local women don’t have to travel 4 hours a day just to find clean water. Therefore, some funds were being raised to help with this program too! Talk about giving back, and we are so happy that Absolut gave us the opportunity to be a part of this great afternoon.


Overall it was a huge success, with refreshing cocktails, positive vibes and contagious smiles! We hope to come back again soon, and suggest you try out some of the scrumptious beverages above on your next sunny day off.


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