It’s Homecoming and We Are Coming To You!

posted on October 17th 2017 in Events with 0 Comments

Keep your eyes peeled for our 2 newest teams roaming the streets of Ontario for the months of October and November. If you are lucky enough to spot our Somersby street team, you will not be disappointed! Teams of brand ambassadors will be cruising around the Downtown core in Toronto, as well as visiting man university and college campuses across Ontario. You can easily spot them as they will be driving a branded Ford F150, with a trunk full of Somersby Semi-Dry cans!

The newest version of Somersby is the semi-dry which is what this tour is focusing on. It is a drier twist on the classic option, made with no artificial sweetners, colours or flavours. It has a smooth flavour with a dry finish and is the perfect additional to the family tree!

2017-10-15 20.06.12

With this being a Guerrilla sampling program, there are lots of details and rules that our team needs to abide by. We pride ourselves on the ‘go with the flow’ attitude that our team presents which makes activating this style of activation a breeze!

One team member said that her favourite part about handing out the complimentary cans of the semi-dry Somersby is being able to engage with consumers who are excited about the product. A lot fo people are happy to hear that the already amazing brand is now offering something less sweet than the original and flavoured ciders. She thinks that spreading the word about the new addition in the line up in this way is going to increase sales province wide! Another rep loved being able to surprise consumers with a new spin of an already loved product! Sarah mentioned the team would brighten up everyone’s day when the realized they were getting to sample the product – no string attached!

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You don’t only need to be a resident of Toronto to be a lucky sampler through this program – we are hitting up major universities and colleges across Ontario including Waterloo, Queen’s, Trent, Ottawa U, Western, Guelph and more! We hope to see you out there – and be sure to always have your ID on you just in case you are lucky enough to spot the Somersby Cider crew!