Just Joined Our Team? Let Us Give You The Run Down!

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So you just joined up with the G of G Inc roster… now what? This week’s blog is about what you can look forward to taking part in this summer now that you are a part of the G of G Inc team, and what you can do to best prepare for and be the best candidate for each!

Liquor/Beer Samplings:

These activations typically happen in the LCBO (for Ontario) or local liquor stores for other provinces. What happens here? Various alcohol brands, including any types of wines, beers, or spirits, are sampled by a brand ambassador to shoppers and visitors to the LCBO/Liquor Store. The brand ambassador greets the shoppers with a smile, offers them a sample of whichever product it is that they are representing and encourages a purchase while increasing brand awareness. What do you need for this activation? An alcohol handling certification.

BC – Serving it Right

Alberta – Pro Serve

Saskatchewan – Serve it Right

Manitoba – It’s Good Business

Ontario – Smart Serve

PEI – It’s Our Business

As you are probably aware, many grocery stores are now also sellers of beer and wine, therefore companies are maximizing their exposure by also conducting samplings here. An additional certification is required for these shifts, and that is a food handling certification. (For any alcohol sampling there needs to be a food pairing offered alongside the product). Each province has various options for what is accepted there so reach out to us if you have any further questions or need suggestions on some acceptable online programs.


Tradeshows are a great way for a vendor to a reach a large number of their ideal demographic in one week or sometimes just a weekend. Each show usually sticks to a theme (The Boat Show, The Home Show, The Bridal Show etc.) and usually consists of one large room stacked full of related products and services. What is your job as a promotional model or brand ambassador at a trade show? Provide the public with scripted key messaging, make sure people want to come into your footprint or booth, ensure guests have a positive experience while interacting with you and send them away happy, or even with some free swag to remember you by! Tradeshows are usually long days and sometimes run for over a week at a time, so to work one of these activations you need to be committed, ready to keep your energy up for hours at a time and stay on your feet and be super approachable. If they are related to alcohol, your alcohol handling certification would also be a requirement.



Festivals are similar to tradeshows in which the crowd usually gathers due to a common interest, but with the warm weather coming, these often occur outdoors. Prepare yourself for long hours again, be ready and accommodating for various weather conditions and be sure to keep your energy up, as the guests at these events are quite often super excited to here and you don’t want them to outshine you. (Think Boot’s and Heart’s fans right before their favourite artist goes on stage!) If they are related to alcohol or food (which many are), your alcohol handling and food handling certification would also be a requirement.

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On Premise Events:

These activations are usually a 1-day or 1-night type of booking, in which your destination is usually a restaurant or a bar. You might be working individually or with a small team of brand ambassadors and you are most often there to represent a particular brand of alcohol. Your goal is to give out samples to patrons, provide them with key messaging, usually encourage them to participate in some type of social media game/aspect and lastly get them to the bar to order a drink (made with your brand of product of course!). An alcohol handling certification is needed for this type of promotional event.

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Though there are so many other types of events we staff and offer to our team, these are some styles that you might see most frequently over the next few months. We look forward to working with you on your next event and hope this blog has you looking forward to your next booking!