Keeping You Safe

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Here at G of G Inc – we believe all the little things make up a successful promotion or event. As the summer winds down, we have been so busy with all the different events we have going on. We wanted to touch on something important for all of our representatives and models. Safety. In this society – we tend to always be in a rush to get things done, to get to work, to meet up with friends, etc. With the internet, it becomes so much easier for young men and women to become the target of harassment both online and in person.

We always want our reps to be safe both at work, and in their personal life. Make sure you always let people know where you are working/going. Whether it is your parents, significant other, or roommate – it is important for your loved ones to know who you are working for and where. We always send a booking email from our emails that end with Do not accept job offers from people you don’t know or that claim they work for G of G Inc. We will always give you as much detail as possible where you are going – who you are meeting, and what you are doing. If you are not familiar with the area you are going to, make sure you take a look on the internet. You can call the location before hand, or ask your Account Coordinator to ask the client about parking. You should always go early to your promotion to familiarize yourself with where you are so you can find the safest place to park. If you know other representatives that are working the same promotion, carpool with them or make a time and place to meet up with them (where you are parking) so you can walk to the promotion together.

In the digital age, we always have our cell phones attached to our hands, in our purses or pockets. Although during the promotion you are not to have your cell phone out – keep it in a safe place. It is important when you are getting to your promotion and leaving that you have a fully charged cell phone. When you arrive, always remember to check in with your Account Coordinator and let them know you are there. When you are leaving your promotion, let your loved one or roommate know you are on the way home. Even just having your cell phone in your hand can deter someone from approaching or attacking you. If you are approached by a stranger, make sure you let them know you are waiting for your friend or going to meet up with someone so you do not appear to be alone.

Be aware of your surroundings. Notice if there is one person that is lingering a little longer then they should, or staring a little bit longer then they should be. We know you are definitely an eye catcher whether you are awesome at your job and grabbing attention for the brand, or you are very attractive. Even if you feel a little bit uneasy, usually your first instincts are right. Ask someone that works at the location or your team lead if they would be okay to escort you back to your car.

Be picky with who you are friends with on social media. With the GPS on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – it is so easy for people to find out where exactly you are when you upload those pictures. Make sure you either turn off the GPS on your social media apps, or only let trusted friends and families view your location. If you want to have an open profile on Instagram or any social media sites – it is highly recommended that you turn off the GPS totally. We love when our reps upload pictures from their promotions, or let people know to come to a location where they are working to see the promotion. However, your safety is always our first concern.

If something does happen and you are approached, harassed or attacked, don’t be scared to tell someone. Report it to the police, tell your parents, significant other, whoever you can trust. If you know this person personally, understand this is not your fault. Here at G of G Inc – we are here for you. Your safety is our number one priority and if you are concerned about anything at all, please never hesitate to reach out to us. Everything you tell us is confidential.

Keep safe this long weekend and enjoy the rest of your summer. Stay wild, but keep yourselves safe.


From The Team at G of G Inc



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