Let’s Keep You Warm

posted on November 14th 2017 in General News with 0 Comments

Baby it’s (starting to get) cold outside. And although the temperature may be dropping, there are still lots of fun outdoor activities going on around the city for the public to take part in. That means there will still be a large amount of promotions upcoming, including outdoor activations. Some people are winter lovers so the chance to work outside in a sparkling snowfall is practically no work at all and you might catch them on break making a snow angel, however we know that winter is not for everyone. In order to ensure that an upcoming winter outdoor promotion goes smooth and stays hot we thought we would go over some easy tips to make your next shift as enjoyable as a summers day shift!

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Layer up! As the day goes on you might be a little more physically active at some points than others, and if you have your thickest, woolliest sweater on under your jacket, you might find that you actually are too warm. Hence why you should wear a number of layers, so you can add and remove them as you see hit. Fitted, and stretchy long sleeve shirts are a great idea as they are easy to layer. You might also be provided some branded gear to wear, so having layers on might allow you to wear your top outer layer open (if comfortable doing so) in order to show the client’s logo.

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More is better! You may be provided some gear to wear on site, but always come prepared with your own winter accessories (a few pairs of thermal socks, proper footwear/boots, hats and mitts). Thirty to fifty percent of body heat is lost through the head, so wearing a hat and hood is a must! Something that you can even leave in your car so you are prepared even in a personal emergency, is hand warmer packs. You can pop these into your gloves for a toasty little warm up, or into your shoes to warm your toes. Client’s are also very generous and flexible with breaks when it comes to working outdoors in sometimes extreme weather conditions, so be open with your on site contact and let them know if you are uncomfortable or need to step inside for a few extra minutes.e,

Fueling your body properly so that it can heat itself is a great plan as well. Bring snacks to have through out the day, steadily intaking calories throughout the shift rather than having one large meal. All in all, when working outdoors, it is best to be prepared and overdress to ensure a comfortable and smooth activation!