Looking Pretty

posted on March 10th 2015 in General News & Team Fun with 0 Comments

In the world of promotions, your face is the first thing that people see when you are working a promotion. You are literally the face of our clients, G of G Inc and yourself. So you obviously would want your face to look great.


Above is a picture of our two promotional models and makeup artists Jennifer and Alex having a blast at their Maybelline promotion for G of G Inc. However, not everyone is gifted with the talents of makeup application. So we wanted to break it down and make it the easiest for you to get ready for work!

1. Plum

Plum is the new in colour. Plum lips, with natural beige eye shadow and black eye liner. This makes a simple, easy to do look, that can go from a sunny day promo to a night time club promo. Our favourite lipstick brand right now is NARS. They stay on a long time, and don’t make your lips chapped.


2. Red Lips

Red lips are a classic. If you don’t feel comfortable experimenting with the plum colour, red is your best option. Red looks great on every skin tone, and such a classy look. A lot of our clients request the red lips to compliment the black attire that is usually requested. So it is great to pick up any shade of red. We prefer the matte colours as we find they last longer through those eight hour shifts at work.


If you are going with these bolder lips, as mentioned above, keep the eye shadow light. We suggest the Naked pallets by Urban Decay. It has a wide range of colours in it that can suit whatever look you are going for.


3. Inky Black Eyes

Black eyeliner will always be a classic. Again, so simple to do. One of our favorite celebs Blake Lively does it so perfectly with the right amount of makeup. Nothing is worse that having too much eyeliner, or not enough. A simple black cat eye swept across the top of your lid makes a classy but bold statement. Have problems applying liquid eye liner? There are so many YouTube tutorials for this! One of our favorite YouTube videos for this is by the Makeup Geek. You can view it here at:

blake-lively-loreal-hair4. Fake Lashes

Fake lashes are not mandatory for all promotions, but a lot of clients like to see the long lashes, especially at night. Our preference is eyelash extensions done by Ooh La Lash ( But if you aren’t in Toronto, there are many eyelash extensions specialists out there. It is super important to get light, shorter ones the first time you try them. Make sure you take time to find out how to take care of them. They are not for everyone, but they look amazing once they are done. If you prefer to just put on fake eyelashes when you are working, that is an option as well. Not sure how to put them on? There are great YouTube tutorials for that. The trick is less glue. People feel like the more glue they put on, the better it will stay. That is false. The glue will run into your eye, causing pain and for you to have to restart your makeup application process.


Experiment with different looks and colours that work best for your skin tone. Not everyone suits one makeup look. It is important to remember less is more. You are beautiful, so let your true self shine out. We want to see your beautiful face as well as personality at work.