New Year, New Promos!

posted on January 18th 2018 in General News & Team Fun with 0 Comments


New year. New me. New……..

Nothing. Because we can’t buy pretty things without a pretty penny, right?
Although the Holidays are a wonderful time of year for the G of G Inc team, the aftermath can be super stressful. And no, we’re not talking about our new food babies we’ve raised over the break. .

The winter season is relatively slow in the promotional world and we work extra hard to ensure our lovely team is being booked by clients and always working.  Here are some tips to help you book more jobs in the dead season.


Certification is major key

If you want to maximize your earning potential as a brand ambassador, getting both your Smart Serve and Food Handler’s Certification is a major key! About 90% of our clients require alcohol sampling or food handling at their promotional events, therefore our models need to be fully equipped and certified to deliver the best promotional experience. If you haven’t already, you can complete your smart serve certification course online, which takes a few hours to complete. This way, you’ll be able to book bartending and alcohol sampling jobs, which are loads of fun might we add!


Starting later this year, Ontario is requiring workers to hold a Food Handler’s certification to activate samplings within grocery retailers. This is a huge norm in our bookings and something we look out for when submitting models to clients, therefore we can’t stress enough how super important this is!


Quality Photos Over Quantity

Personally, we love shifting through our roster of promo models and brand ambassadors because of its diversity, and of course, beauty!  As a standard requirement, we ask that our models submit 3 clear photographs of themselves for submission.  Clients want to ensure that the promo models are an appropriate representation of their brand, therefore we submit the photos of you looking your absolute best.
To increase booking rates, we recommend that you submit at least one headshot displaying your gorgeous smile, one full body shot and a standard selfie to truly depict how you look on an everyday basis. We’ve noticed that the models with limited or no smiling pictures have a harder time booking jobs over those with commercial shots. At the end of the day, no client or consumer wants to talk to an unfriendly stranger, right?



Stay In Touch

If you’ve worked activation and performed your absolute best, you’ve probably caught the eye of our client. And trust me, we’ve probably heard about it! We love receiving great feedback from our clients, and we make sure to keep the great recommendations in mind when booking models for future events. Work your best, smile big and send us pictures of you from the event! You’ll be A1 on our roster and increase your booking rates because we’ll vouch for you. If you’re loyal, we’ll treat you like you’re royal. Simple.


I hope this frigid Canadian weather is the only thing robbing you this winter season. Although it may not be as busy as the exciting summer season, we look forward to the winter festivities and all that 2018 has to offer! With these tips, you’ll be sure to book more jobs as a promotional model during the dead season.


Written by Chelsea Brady