Onwards and Upwards

posted on July 19th 2017 in Events with 0 Comments

Here, there and everywhere! Planes can take us anywhere we want to go and though it is often a smooth trip, G of G Inc is participating in an activation that has allowed traveling to be an even more enjoyable experience. Every morning Monday-Friday you can find a G of G Inc promotional staff greeting and escorting outbound visitors at the Indigo valet service entrance at Terminal 1. While 5:30AM might be an early morning for some, our team has shown up dressed to impress, with a smile on their face and ready to sell! The purpose of this program is to promote and encourage the sale of our clients new in house car detailing services. The scope of services and prices have recently changed so our reps were there educating returning guests as well as promoting to new guests! Let’s be honest, we don’t always have time to wait for our car to be detailed, so why not have it done while we are up in the air or away on vacation! We think that this is a great option.


G of G Inc has participated in other long-term airport promotions as well, working within a variety of industries including alcohol, automotive, beauty and fragrance, and electronics. One of our favourites was a wine sampling program in an elite lounge in which our brand ambassador sampled and provided key messaging about some great Canadian wines.


The airport is a busy place, but with it being so busy, you are able to interact with and connect with up to thousands of people a day. There is no way you could go through a day without interacting with people from your target demographic. That is why we find airport promotions to provide such success to our clients, especially when we provide them with an energetic and outgoing brand ambassador.



Are you interested in being a part of an upcoming long term program, almost like a part time job, or are you looking to hire a brand ambassador for you next promotion? Email info@gofginc.com to apply or to receive info on completing a booking!