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The life of a brand ambassador is one that requires a great attitude, enthusiastic personality but also a surprising amount of organization. The nature of the business is that you often work with different companies all with a different set of processes, expectations, and general ways they run their company. While this makes every company unique we know this can be super confusing for people just joining up with us, or maybe there are just questions you never thought to ask. There are a few questions that we get all the time. Sometimes multiple times a day. While the answers may seem obvious if you’re well versed on how G of G Inc or the promotional modelling industry in general function, they are definitely questions that need to asked for those new to the roster or the business. So we thought we’d answer them!


How do I get booked?

Once you’re on our roster you receive emails every time we have upcoming events in your area. If you’re interested and available just respond to the email saying available and provide any extra information requested in the post (if you have a car, your experience as a team lead etc.) The majority of the time the final selection is that of the client. We send them all our applicants information and they decide who would be best fit for their particular event. If you are booked you receive a formal booking email with all of the details! If you have any questions regarding the status of your application for the event don’t hesitate to email the staff member handling that specific event for an update.


How do I submit pictures?

Any time you take a great new selfie, have a photoshoot or just found a recent picture you like send it over! All photos are submitted by email and we will add them to your file. The more pictures you have the better chance you have of getting booked as we can better tailor the pictures we send over to that specific brand or event. We also love event pictures! If you work an event and post a picture don’t forget to #gofginc and tag us @gofginc @gofgincstaff

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Who do I talk to?

All the staff of G of G Inc are always more than happy to answer your questions, we want you to feel super confident about all the information for the event. However usually events are handled by a specific person or account manager within the office. Whoever sends out the original email request and subsequent booking email is usually going to be your go to person for that event. They will be the quickest to respond because they have the most information on hand about the event and your booking.


What if I move/travel?

We have events across North America! All provinces/states have a separate email roster. If you are travelling back and forth, email us and ask to be added to multiple email lists. If you move and still want to work with us, we can definitely switch you over to your new region.

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I had an emergency!

It happens. We are not super humans, we know you are not either. If you have a serious emergency that requires you to cancel your booking, we understand, but there’s a few key steps to go through. Firstly, please call us if you are cancelling a booking, it is so much easier and professional to do things over the phone rather than by text or email. Secondly do so as early as possible, it becomes very difficult to find replacements last minute and will be irritating to clients. Thirdly, if you know of a friend or colleague that would be great replacement offer them as a reference, that way even if you had to cancel, you offered a viable solution.


Have any more questions? Don’t hesitate to ask! We are always happy to help and work with you as a part of our team. Another amazing resource is the G of G Inc Rules and Regulations contract. It has so much information in it about payment, conduct, booking details and much more. We’re also wishing G of G Inc a very happy 8th anniversary coming up this week. We have come so far in 8 years and couldn’t have done it without all our amazing reps! We are looking forward to an amazing 2017 and many more happy anniversaries to come!