Rockin’ Out

posted on July 24th 2018 in Events with 0 Comments

Rock the Park just recently passed in London, ON over a recent July weekend. This festival is into its 15th year and was presented by Start.ca. With years of success as a rock festival, they added in its first ever Country Music night in 2014. With the HUGE success of that year, the festival decided they wanted to venture into even more genres of music so they could cater to the musical preference of all types of people in the London area. So in 2017, they added a 90’s hip hop night, selling out in record time. This year the festivals top acts included some huge names from all genres. Fans and guests saw Machine Gun Kelly, Cyndi Lauper, Kim Mitchell, Boyz II Men, Sisquo, Three Days Grace and so much more. You can really say this festival had a little something for everyone. Now how about a little bit more info about the company presenting this amazing lineup and festival for London and the surrounding area – Start.ca.

Start.ca is local to London and they are an internet service serving over 60 000 customers. Known for having been awarded as the internet server providing the best customer service in North America, our brand ambassadors had some big shoes to fill when it came to their performance. Of course, our team did not disappoint! The company has core values consisting of the following: being friendly, honest, reliable, smart, forward and involved. These were traits they wanted to be present in their team on site interacting with festival goers. Our team wasn’t there to sell internet, but in fact to represent Start.ca in the best way possible and really demonstrate some of those values. Their tasks included giving out freezies to guests who filled out a survey on an Ipad, passing out extra swag like cozies and glow sticks, running the photo booth, telling guests about the featured Snap Chat filter, interacting with guests at the charging station and misting station, and overall making sure people were having FUN! Why else would Start.ca have a smile as their logo if they weren’t focused on that kind of positive energy 😊

After spending 4 long days together, our team of 5 really bonded and let us know how great of a time they had representing Start.ca at Rock the Park. This type of feedback makes us smile too! We are looking forward to next year already. If taking part in festivals like this is something you would love to do to make some extra money, join up with our roster by sending a resume and 3 photos to info@gofginc.com. For pricing and availability of brand ambassadors for your next festival, email jenn@gofignc.com for more info.