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If you have ever checked out our Instagram, @gofgincstaff, you know that we work with a wide variety of brands within a number of different industries! From technology and automotive promotions, to food and beverage events, and don’t forget, we even work with a number of shaving product companies! We really have seen it all. However, our clients are usually looking for something very specific when it comes to their own events. Whether it be specific looks, abilities or talents, these specific requests are not out of the ordinary.

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In order to open up as many doors for yourself as possible, we suggest ensuring that you have a wide array of photos on file with us here at G of G Inc. Some brands may have a specific request such as a certain hair colour or height. Make sure that the photos we have on file are up to date with your current correct hair colour, as if you apply to an event looking specifically for red heads, and our photos only display you as blond, we won’t be able to submit you to the client. Now to get a little more specific, sometimes clients are looking for staff that fit a certain age range. If your photos on file are all glammed up and show a more mature side of you, but you know that under all that hair and makeup you still have that baby face, send us a more natural and unedited photo so that you can be submitted and considered for promotions run by clients who are looking for just that! Not to say you won’t be submitted unless you have the type of photos each client is looking for, but why not increase your opportunity by showing all amazing sides of you!

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Some common words or sayings we hear our clients use when describing their ideal brand ambassador that they feel would be best suited for their brand include: girl/boy next door, approachable, life of the party, polished and poised, someone you would want to be best friends with, athletic, fashion forward, and much more! (That being said, we have never had a request for a selfie with the puppy filter, so those can be saved for your Snap Chat stories :P) Think that a photo can’t send across that message? Think again! Pictures are worth a thousand words! Smiling, laughing, dressed up for a wedding or graduation, participating in a sporting event, on site at a previous promotion, working your best Saturday night out pout, or sporting some new facial hair , we love to see it all! That way we can best match a photo to each client when submitting you. If they see what they are looking for in their team members in a photo, your chances of moving to the next round of possible selections will increase! If you come across some photos you love, feel free to email them to us as attachments and we will add them to your profile.

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