Some Bunny Loves You

posted on April 18th 2017 in Uncategorized with 0 Comments

When we think of Easter, what comes to mind? The number one answer should be FAMILY, but let’s be honest we all think of CHOCOLATE! Whether we are reminded of our chocolate Easter egg hunts as a youngster or being treated by a loved one with a gift bag of chocolate bunnies, it is a tasty time of year for sure! For the past few weeks, our Vancouver team participated in some appetizing activations, featuring a signature treat of Easter, Lindt chocolate.


In the weeks leading up to the holiday, brand ambassadors could be found at various retail outlets setting up and activating a pop up booth, sampling the goodies, and providing customers with key messaging. As the special weekend came up, they added a special and unmissable addition to the promotion (here’s a hint: you maybe have seen this hopping around the Vancouver region this weekend). Not it wasn’t Peter Rabbit, but it that is a pretty good guess! It was a gold smart car, dressed up like a bunny! Needless to say, it was the feature of many social media posts over the weekend.


We hope that all of our brand ambassadors and clients enjoyed their long weekend, got to spend time with family and of course, indulge in a couple (or more!) Lindt chocolates.