Get Ready for Stag Season!

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It might be hard to imagine now, but Spring is just around the corner. And with Spring come new beginnings. And with new beginnings come weddings…and with weddings come….STAGS!

What do stags mean for G of G Inc? It’s a superbly busy season for us. We love hosting stags. The energy is great, and it’s a really fun promotion for our staff to work. Getting the opportunity to interact and mingle is something we excel at. Our staff are never shy, and are really great at getting people excited and ready to party.

G of G Inc have done many stags in the past. We want to make each stag a party to remember  – but we also ensure the staff are comfortable with what they are doing, and are professional. What we really want to accomplish is making sure everyone at the stag is enjoying their time and making it a night to remember.

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What can you expect from G of G Inc at your stag?

  • High energy
  • 100% involvement
  • Friendly girls with big smiles
  • On-the-ball attitude ready for anything! From starting a game, to being the first on the dance floor
  • Professional, fun, and ready for anything
  • Ensure that the man of the night is having a great time, and all his friends are happy
  • We can provide games such as joker poker, etc.
  • We also provide poker dealers
  • We also can provide body painting models for stags
  • We love to get involved in selling raffle tickets to make sure the fundraising costs are maximized

While G of G Inc may be known for the their corporate events, brand ambassador programs, and alcohol sampling – we still make time for a lot of other events like stags and paid to party. We have a stacked roster which includes girls who have strong experience hosting stags and genuinely enjoy it. We make sure to include only the models who would be a best fit for the part in need. We tailor our roster so you have a list of staff to choose from who we know would be a great fit for your stag

Make sure to book your G of G Inc models for the upcoming stag season stat! The season is starting to fill up quick and we want to make sure you get the best models for your stag! To see our roster of stag models, email us at info@girlsofglam.com

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