Stay Healthy My Friends

posted on March 28th 2017 in Events with 0 Comments

The Healthy Family Expo introduces Vancouver families to small steps and simple solutions for healthy, active, eco-friendly living. With all the hype these days surrounding sustainability and leading a healthy lifestyle, G of G Inc was so excited to be a part of a show with such a positive message and impact! Hosted at the Vancouver Convention Centre, this show expected over 10,000 attendees which is astounding considering it was only their 4th annual event.


Our team worked alongside our client representing some very interesting products. They sampled some of the below (try not to get too hungry!):

-coconut flower nectar (perfect for pancakes and waffles or even as a sugar replacement)

-coconut chips

-coconut water with juice (a big hit with the younger crowd)

-pure coconut water (their best selling item!)

-various types of rice spaghetti

Through sampling, our team also pushed sales as they were able to conduct transactions right on site in the booth. Sometimes a sample is all it takes to turn someone into a lifelong customer, which is why tradeshows are so effective and important! Other tasks that our staff were responsible for included checking with parents prior to giving children samples, interacting and engaging with all expo attendees, prepare samples, maintain a positive attitude and most importantly SMILE! At a show like this, with guests of all ages from children to their parents, staff really need to exude an easy to approach kind of demeanor. That way, each guest walks away having had a positive experience, whether it be a child who tasted their new favourite sweet (coconut flower nectar) or a parent walking away with the retail establishment where they can purchase a new sugar replacement at, both should have a positive experience associated with this healthy new option!

No matter how big or small your booth is at a tradeshow, it is who you have representing you that can really make a difference! If you are looking to hire brand ambassadors for an upcoming show, email for pricing and availability. If you have an outgoing personality and love approaching and interacting with new people, email with a resume and three photos!