Steps To Success

posted on February 21st 2017 in General News with 0 Comments

The sun showed its face this weekend and it reminded us how busy season is fast approaching! Once the temperature rises, so will your emails from G of G Inc. Our clients take the colder season to prepare and plan for their spring, summer and fall activations and we are beginning to receive requests for these upcoming events! Before your promo season hits full swing we thought it would be best to go over some reminders, and tips for making the most out of your experience working with us, while also providing our client with the best possible performance, ensuring more work in the future for YOU!



We have never had a client tell us “that report was too long” however we constantly receive requests for additional info or insight. Remember, usually you are our eyes and ears on site as our clients and us cannot be on site for all activations. We really love when our reps paint a picture for us as if we were there. If there are questions on a report, do not just answer some of them, answer them all! If there is a request for certain pieces of data to be collected during a shift, collect it all. Sometimes, without a complete report, your shift is considered incomplete and this could impact your pay for said shift.


Event Details:

For each event, we try to provide as much detail to those working as we can. The amount of info provided in advance may vary from client to client but the best way to prepare yourself is to review your most recent booking email pertaining to the specific shift, and following the instructions within. This email will hold the most recent updates in regards to your shift. Once booked for a shift, please take a few minutes as soon as possible to review your booking email in full. This way, you are aware of all that is expected of you and if you are unable to meet the expectations of the shift, you can let us know as soon as possible, rather than reviewing your booking email the day before, and realizing you are unable to fill the needs of this promotion. In this industry, as you may have experienced, details have a tendency to change quite often, whether it is needing to bring your own pair of shoes, or needing to arrive 30 mins earlier than expected. Being flexible and accommodating when it comes to changes is greatly appreciated and noticed when working with an account manager. It also shows clients that our team is open and willing to work within their needs and may result in YOU getting a specific client request in the future 😉



Pay rates are always included in the blasts sent to you when there is an upcoming promotion to be filled. If travel or other expenses are paid, it will be stated alongside the hourly pay rate in these email blasts. If you have a question about whether an expense is being covered, feel free to ask in advance of confirming a shift so that (for example) you don’t pick up a shift that is out of your local area, which you would want to receive travel pay for.


Update your file:

Did you recently acquire your food handler’s certification, your smart serve, or take a bartending course? Did you change your hair colour, get a new piercing, or even get your license and a new ride! These are things we keep note of on our side, and can increase the number of requests you receive. Shoot us an email with anything you want to update on your file. The more info we have the better!

We are looking forward to fun, warm and busy season!