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In this day and age if you are investing in something for your brand, you need to invest into it fully. So why add promotional staff to your next event? Our staff specialize in you and your brand. It is great to have people from your actual brand on site, but you can reach even more people with professional promotional representatives. They specialize in talking!

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Today it is no longer enough to just have a booth at a trade show or street festival. It is not enough to just put up signage at a festival. You need people there to draw attention to your brand and your marketing efforts. Our promotional staff will attract attention to your booth, get people involved in your games (or conduct data collection), educate people about your brand and simply talk to an audience that can identify with them. They talk to people so they don’t just think it is a sales pitch. It gets them excited about the product and brand.

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Our reps get a feel for the crowd and work the room. They encourage people to come to your branded footprint. They get them involved in fun games or contests that your target demographic would be excited about. A target demographic they identify with, because they are apart of it. Here at G of G Inc – we have promotional reps and brand ambassadors of all ages and demographics. With a brand ambassador, you are adding what everyone wants to have at an event – fun! We bring excitement to your brand and we make people excited about it. We want to leave a lasting impression not just give out a pamphlet that someone can easily throw out when they get home. We make a connection.


We train our reps specifically for your brand and event so they know the demographic and the type of people they will be speaking to. We will speak to them about what they are interested in and what relates them to the brand. We work side by side with our clients to have the perfect reps for their brand. Whether you are looking for brand ambassadors, promotional models or spokesmodels – we have you covered.


We also hire DJ’s, security, labour staff, tech staff, bartenders, and many other skilled individuals.

Contact us today at info@gofginc.com for availability, your quote, and the right staff for your event.

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