The How To: Tips On Getting More Gigs

posted on August 8th 2017 in General News with 0 Comments

We have all been there, wondering perhaps if there was something that we could have done to be part of a once in a lifetime work opportunity. There are many ways to help yourself get selected for one of a few positions and we wanted to give you a few tips to help make yourself shine brighter than you already do, when it comes to a “high in demand” promotion.

Smile! While the Kardashian’s have influenced the selfie game quite a bit with pouts, smizing, and filters, many clients want to see natural photos of you with a smile on your face. That is how you will be appearing on site, smiling and greeting guests so let’s show the clients those pearly whites.


Keep it current. This includes everything from hair colour, contact information, tattoos, certifications, courses and more. If you have applied via email and we call you to get more information or to book you, the cell number must be current. If we don’t hear back from you in a reasonable amount of time,  we will reach out to the clients next request.

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Prove yourself! Feedback (both positive and constructive comments) from clients is kept on file. Do everything you can to make sure they come back to your account coordinator with rave reviews. We aren’t always on site so we take the reviews from on site contacts very seriously.

Show initiative. Apply to everything you are available for, prove yourself, get the opportunity to show us that you can arrive on time (aka 15 mins prior to start time), can put together a beautiful set up, complete reports and submit them on time and overall be a successful brand ambassador.


Be quick on your feet. If you have shown interest in a promotion and applied, keep an eye on your email that day or the day following as we may have responded back to book you or emailed you to ask for additional photos or a brief blurb to include along with your application. Alternatively, being easy to get a hold of or being quite responsive to account coordinators makes you easy to work with and get along with making an activation a breeze all the way from the initial booking process to invoicing.


Lastly, in the promotional and brand ambassador world, you never know who you may be booked to work an activation with until you show up on site. Do your best to get along with everyone on your team, regardless of personal previous experiences with them. Make the experience and shift a positive one and leave not only guests but your team mates with a smile on their face. Which brings us back to point number one – smiling! We hope this blog left you with a smile too, so why not snap a selfie right now email it to or and we can add it to your personal profile.