Trends You Should Be Falling For

posted on September 19th 2018 in General News with 0 Comments

At this time of year, we are simply falling for all of the new fall trends. Though uniforms for promo events tend to stick to pretty basic pieces of clothing, there are always some fun ways to spice things up! Keep on reading to learn about some trends that we are excited to bring into both our professional and personal lives when it comes to fashion!

Floral and flowy! It is hard to just jump right into a new season when the weather is still warm and to be honest down right confusing! That is why it is fun to keep rocking floral prints in shapes and cuts that are loose and flow against the body. That way, if it does end up being a warm day, you aren’t wrapped in skin tight clothing, but if there is a slight breeze, your covered with a loose layering of fabric. Let’s face it, we love to wear flowers year-round!

Belt bags! These are functional and convenient but also trendy. They are the perfect size to carry exactly what you NEED (so you aren’t carrying a purse full of things you never need aka ten different shades of lip stick) and also becomes a featured element in your outfit.

Millennial pink was a ‘thing’ if you didn’t already know, but it is now a thing of the past. This season is all about hot pink and we are definitely about it! This can be used in your attire, makeup, accessories, whatever you want. Anything fuchsia is hot for the season.

Nude suiting. We love seeing females in bold suits, showing everyone who is boss, but this season the favoured shade for this look is nude.

One of our favourite classic films’ most epic pattern is making a comeback. That’s right, Cher’s classic plaid pattern from Clueless was seen on runways with many designers and will bring a punch of both class and colour to your wardrobe this fall.

Animal prints, specifically leopard print, is expected to be popular this season especially with outerwear. Talk about making an entrance to your next special event or party, walking out of a cab in a to-the-floor leopard print trench. Rawr!

What trends are you looking forward to trying out this fall. Let us know in the comments below!