Uber Eats and Chill

posted on June 19th 2018 in Events with 0 Comments

Let’s face it – we all have used UberEats at one point in time. It is a fabulous app! If you are one of the few not familiar with this service, UberEats is a food delivery network that connects your brand with thousands of customers and delivers at Uber speed. This past weekend UberEats celebrated Quebec City’s Eats Month – where customers could receive 50% off featured items on the UberEats app! Our team participated in street teams put together to inform the public about UberEats Month and encouraged them to download the app.

Why do we think UberEats is the go – to food delivery app?

The customer friendly app is so easy to use. Simply open the app and explore all of the restaurant options available to you. Select your favourite menu items and add any customizations. Add your items then check out. Sit back and relax as your food is delivered to your door in uber speed. UberEats makes eating well effortless at any time, for anyone. In just two years, UberEats has grown to include more than 85,000 restaurant partners in over 220 cities across six continents.

Being part of a street team means you have to be comfortable and confident approaching strangers who might not necessarily care to hear what you have to say. In the few moments that you are engaging with them it is your goal to influence their feelings towards the brands you are representing, and make sure to get your key messaging out in an articulate and effective way. Clients activate street teams in all types of weather conditions so it always requires being very adaptable and comfortable working with any changing weather conditions. Lastly, it requires being able to not only stand on your feet but to think on your feet too! As a street team you might find that you have been stationed at a location where the foot traffic isn’t that great! It’s okay, things happen! There are things we can do to turn that problem around. It takes a great team lead and strong team members to use their own experience living in or working in that area to determine a new possible location where their presence would be much more valuable to our client. When it comes to a street teams effectiveness, the busier the spot, the better!

If you think you have what it takes to join the team and activate at memorable events for notable brands like UberEats, email info@gofginc.com with a resume and three photos. If you are looking for personal yet professional staff for your next event, email jenn@gofginc.com for availability and pricing. We look forward to hearing from you and working on a future project!