We Are All About Positivity, Body Positivity That Is

posted on February 6th 2018 in Team Fun with 0 Comments

Body positivity! This word means a lot to our team here at G of G Inc. It has a different meaning to everyone, but we feel that it is an empowering movement to engage ourselves in and feel good about! With social media being a huge aspect of most peoples’ lives (the average child in Canada spends 8 hours a day consuming some type of media lots of which is fabricated), we are happy to see some really positive influences out there encouraging today’s most influential demographic to feel body positive by promoting it in some very public ways.

2015-03-30 09.59.22

One of our favourite Bachelorette’s (a guilty pleasure of one of our Account Coordinators) Kaitlyn Bristowe paired up with a friend of hers to start a social media movement by posting a #realstagram. A #realstagram is an au natural photo with no edits, filters, etc. Just your beautiful face and body! This movement is connected to a fundraising campaign and encourages people to post their own photo and take part in feeling fine about a fresh faced and unedited post.

2015-06-07 19.24.50

Bo Stanley is another female in the public eye who is on the body positivity train and we can’t get enough. Strong surfer and athlete – her Instagram is something great to follow as she loves what she does and has fun doing it. You can tell by all the teeth filled smiles in her photos!

2015-10-26 15.03.36

All men and women are beautiful and while some industries may put pressure on people to look or feel a certain way – we are happy to see this #bodypositivity movement and hope to see some #realstagram posts to push this in your own circle! What is your definition of body positivity? We want to know so we can add it to our personal vault to encourage ourselves and our networks to feel even more confident!