We Are So Festive For Festival Season

posted on March 27th 2018 in General News with 0 Comments

We can almost taste it! Spring and Summer are just around the corner and with that comes some of our most exciting yearly activations. That’s right – festival season! Whether it be a food and drink festival, music festival, or art festival, there is just something you can’t help but enjoy when your job consists of working outdoors at one of these events. There are some great ways to make sure that your experience working a festival this summer is nothing short of a stellar experience. Keep on reading to see our top suggestions!

Water! Hydrating is super important and although clients may have water on site, it is better to be safe than sorry and to bring a reusable water bottle you can fill up at the water stations that most festivals set up.

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Keep energized with healthy and hearty food. You might not want to purchase they types of food that might be available at the festival, and likely won’t have time to leave the festival grounds and come back with something you do want. Bringing a lunch and snacks is your best bet in this situation. If you are planning on buying your lunch, bring some (not a lot!) of cash and cards – each festival varies as to whether they accept cash only or will take credit cards so keep that in mind.

Dress for the elements! Bring layers, outerwear, sunglasses, sunscreen – anything to protect you and keep you comfortable in the great outdoors during your long and hopefully sun filled shifts. However, don’t bring your largest most valuable items as storage can sometimes be limited.

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Mange time wisely. Give yourself a lot of extra time to find parking, get through security, acquire your pass, find your team and team leader. There are sometimes hundreds of people doing the same thing at the same time as you so prepare to manage these crowds and the delay they may cause you.

Keep an open line of communication. When arriving, keep in touch with your contact so you can easily find them. If you leave to go to the washroom, make sure your team lead knows.

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Remain professional! Though these festivals might feature some of our favourite musical artists or culinary pro’s, please remember that you are working and not a guest at the event. This means maintaining a professional demeanor at all times and ensuring that you are adding to the experience for the guests and not partaking in it.

Festival season is always a blast but is super busy. To ensure you are fully prepared to take on any upcoming jobs, be sure to keep your profile up to date with current photos, recent resumes and all relevant paperwork filled out. We look forward to seeing you on site this summer! In order to join the roster in your province email with a resume and 3 photos.