We’ve Got All Your Highlights

posted on May 1st 2017 in Events with 0 Comments

With the world of technology growing every day, and so many different apps out there, sometimes it takes an in person interaction to really connect a user to the perfect app for them. We find that many of our clients will use street teams in order to promote their apps, by having them attend an event full of their ideal users and target demographic. This way, the ideal consumer will be introduced to an app they may have never known existed, while remembering a positive interaction with a brand ambassador as well.


This weekend, you could find a team from G of G Inc representing a fantastic app in London at the London Lightning basketball game. HighlightHub is a social sports platform that allows users to update content to your favourite sports, leagues, teams, and players’ hubs. If you have just captured the winning moment of your hometown sports team or even your buddy making an incredible catch, you can upload it to HighlightHub.


Our team of 3 brand ambassadors interacted with sports fans at the Sunday game and had a blast! For Liz, the highlight of the shift was that she was able to speak with so many different people and introduce them to something brand new! She loved to hear that people were genuinely interested, but loved even more when she would hear that people already knew about it, used the platform, or followed HighlightHub on Instagram! Hearing things that like that really ensured that our team was in the right place at the right time, and were having a great time too!


Our brand ambassadors were really excited to be able to work alongside the team from HighlightHub. One of the staff noted, it was really exciting to work with these amazing entrepreneurs and was proud to be able to be a part of their journey to success and turning their dream into a reality. With a strong and powerful team comes great results, and we think it won’t be long until you see some HighlightHub presence at the next sporting event YOU attend!