Women and Men Of Mystery: Mystery Shop With G of G Inc

posted on August 29th 2017 in Events with 0 Comments

When you’re looking for more ways to make a little money, becoming a mystery shopper can be a great fit. G of G Inc staff are participating in many mystery shops across Canada. When booking Brand Ambassadors for our mystery shop activations we look for committed, enthusiastic and reliable reps to work.

Our Brand Ambassadors will drive from shop to shop stopping at each location where they will simply ask 3 scripted questions to ensure the employee is well informed about the product. When questions are answered by the employee correctly they are rewarded with free movie passes. The visits are to be completed within a week’s time during the shop’s business hours. This makes it very flexible and very easy to complete for our Brand Ambassadors.

Not only is mystery shopping a fun easy activation for our reps, but it is a great tool for businesses to learn more about their customer experience.

  1. Competitor Analysis. Sending a mystery shopper to evaluate a brand and its competitor side-by-side can yield in-depth analysis on the products, policies, and locations of a nearby retail rival. A mystery shopper can stage similar experiences–returning an item, for instance–to see how both stores stack up against each other.

  2. Practice New Policies. When a retail store implements new policies, it needs to see those policies put to practice. Mystery shoppers can mimic natural circumstances to see whether or not employees are adhering to rules and regulations.

  3. Employee Evaluation. If the boss is evaluating an employee, he’s bound to be on his best behavior. A mystery shopper ensures a realistic evaluation based on how employees interact with real customers and not just their supervisors.

  4. Informal Opinions. Surveys and polls can be helpful to discern customer opinions, but they can be skewed toward the positive. Mystery shoppers can offer informal opinions on everything from point-of-sale to products, displays, customer service, and even the cleanliness of a retail location. Those opinions can be used to better understand customers and make improvements accordingly.

Are you interested in being a part of an upcoming long term program, almost like a part time job, or are you looking to hire a brand ambassador for your next promotion? Email to apply or to receive info on completing a booking!